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4 Ways to Overcome Confused Nipples in Babies

Breastfeeding is an intimate moment between mother and baby. When nursing, your child will feel the closeness physically and emotionally with the Mother. However, what if he experiences nipple confusion and refuses to suckle directly from Mother's breast? Nipple confusion occurs when the baby is having difficulty sucking breast milk directly from the breast. This is usually experienced by newborns or babies who are accustomed to drinking milk from a bottle. Causes and Symptoms of Confused Nipples Confused nipples can be caused by the mother too quickly in introducing milk bottles or pacifiers to the Little One. Ideally, you may introduce a bottle of milk or pacifier when your child is 4 weeks old, or when she is skilled at feeding directly on your breast. In addition, confused nipples can also be caused by flattening of the mother's nipples or tongue tie to the baby. Nipple confusion is characterized by a baby who looks confused to find and suckle the mother's nippl
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Here are 4 types of ear disease that often occurs

Ear disease can occur for a variety of reasons, from accumulation of earwax to infection. This condition makes the parts of the ear become disrupted and cause a decrease in hearing function, both in children and adults. Inside the ear consists of three major parts, namely the outer ear (outer ear), middle ear (middle ear), and inner ear (inner ear). These three parts play different roles in the process of delivering and changing sound waves so that we can hear them. It's just that each of these parts has the potential to develop a disease that can interfere with its role. Frequent Ear Diseases The following are 4 types of health problems that often attack the ear: 1. Accumulation of earwax Earwax or commonly called cerumen is a waxy substance that is naturally produced by special glands on the outside of the ear. This wax is useful for preventing dust and other small particles from entering the ear. Normally, earwax dries out of the ear by itself. However, sometimes the ea

Itching of the Penis, Indications of Infectious Disease

Itching of the penis is a common condition. This condition can be caused by a mild infection. However, there are times when itchy penis is also an indication of sexually transmitted diseases. Itchy penis can also be caused by various other things, such as fungal infections, scabies, underwear that is too tight, allergic reactions, to the existence of friction on the skin. Generally, itching of the penis is treated according to the underlying cause. Itching on the penis can be treated with over-the-counter medicines. But if the itching doesn't go away, there may be other causes that need a doctor's examination. Causes of Itching Penis Handling of itching on the penis is done according to the cause of the condition. The following are some of the most common causes of itching in the penis, including: Fungal infections or candidiasis Fungal infections are generally harmless and can be treated using antifungal drugs. Fungal infections often occur on the head of the penis